Bhanumotir Khel - ভানুমতীর খেল | Bangla Serial | Episode - 294| Best scene | Zee Bangla

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  • 2/01/2019 को प्रकाशित
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    "Bhanumoti, the daughter of an magician learns the tricks of the trade very young age. Meghraj, is also a practicing magician Son of the super magician, Mahendra Sarkar. Vanumatir Khel Serial is a magical tale of Love & Romance with a touch of magic. Meghraj tells Jaya that Bhanumoti has promised to not demand any rights as his wife until Kumud accepts her wholeheartedly. However, when Bhanumoti tries to help Kumud, she refuses. Thereafter, Kumud objects to Bhanumoti going for practising magic. She accuses Bhanumoti of shirking work and burdening Jaya with it but Meghraj’s reaction takes Kumud by surprise. Amba Devi sees this as an opportunity to win over Kumud and decides to plan against Bhanumoti.
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    Khub sundor

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    I love you

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      তুমি কী এদের ভক্ত

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    Ooh so cute couple

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  • Hasain Ali
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    বানুমতীর খেল9 মার্চ plz plz plz plz দিয়

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    Superb jori.....

  • Mamata Mondal
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    Superb serial

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    Full episode upload করেনplease

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      Farhana Islam dyei

  • Farhana Islam
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    Baby please change your costume and makeup

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  • Rupsa Ghosh
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    Romantic relationship with bhanu and you..forever..😘😘😘😘

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    নাইছ বানু

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    Thanks for given this series💗

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