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  • Blogging on platforms like WordPress has become very popular over the past 10 years. This video is an introduction to blogging in plain english and was designed to give viewers a brief overview of what blogging is and how to participate.
    For more information on Edublogs visit: edublogs.org/
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  • SdmAngeL
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    Yep ! I want to keep an online diary , so I think a blog is the way to do it. But I want to keep it private.

  • Saji Antony
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    Well explained...

  • FawwadAhmad Siddiquie
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    Well explained, gr8 n thx

  • BozoFeet
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    How u guys make this video???it's looks very nice

  • C N
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    I was told to have a blog I must have a website, Is it truth? How do I create this "blog"

  • Tanuja KHARE
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  • LaNell McHaney
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    I'd never have a blog because, like most people, I'm not that important. Besides, if I said something stupid it could haunt me forever. Lol.

  • Get Into Biophilia
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  • Rap Instrumentals & Beats - Lil Matrix Beats
    Rap Instrumentals & Beats - Lil Matrix Beats महीने पहले

    After so many videos i finally understand what is blog. Thank you.

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  • Anime blue
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    Thx a lot the video was creative and very clear to understand.............

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    Thanks for the great content!

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    Ty :)

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    This really helped! Thanks!

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    Thanks. Useful and user friendly info. Thanks for sharing.

  • Animation and music creator
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  • Toby Liang
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    like this blog

  • Faith Smith
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    Excellent!! This is by far the absolute BEST information about blogging that I have ever seen. I have been wanting to understand blogging, so I could start. Now I can! Thanks alot!!

  • Owais Issam Abdelrahman Gharaibeh
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    I want more information 😟

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  • Gabriel Salinas
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    hi guys

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    Thnq sir...
    For this excellent explanation...

  • misuzu9254
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    So like a Journal/Diary that everyone can see.

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  • Mum R
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    Thanks...i could understand!

  • Radu Mateuca
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    entertaining and educative! good job!

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    hehe, my mates are all jealous now

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    reminds me of MySpace

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    nice job

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    Great presentation...!

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    Very helpful video thnx

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    Excellent presentation... crystal clear

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    Thank you! God bless

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  • priyank satasiya
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    it is my first blog.. is it ok??

  • Anand Ramasamy
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    blog made simple

  • Salem Jarrar 1.0
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    Best tutorial blog video ever. I like it .

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    Amazing really helped me

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    It’s very really great information for becoming a better Blog.You become a idol for me.You always change my the Way of thinking.Your way thinking is Really amazing.Thanks

  • saisumanth reddy
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    one of the best presentations I have ever seen...
    May I know how did you do the animation?

    • saisumanth reddy
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      Please tell me so that I can learn them.!

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    thx alot guys! i liked hiw you explain the details in the simplest way!

  • Cool and Smart
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  • Shadow Bandit
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    so it is an online public journal/diary?


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  • Morgan Bartram
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    This is the best video I've seen for help on blogging. Straight to the point and easy to understand. Thank you.

  • Jeshan :D
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    I've got a blog too loveiswhatweseek.com :D

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    this was really helpful. im an aspiring blogger.

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  • Ares
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    But who the fuck uses them other then over 30 year single women?

    • WPMU DEV
      WPMU DEV  साल पहले

      Video is a great way to share information. Blogging is not limited to written word. You can share all kinds of media from a platform like WordPress - including video, audio, and images. I would suggest a combination of both written word and video to reach the widest audience.

    • Ares
      Ares साल पहले

      yeah sure but the thing is no one under the age of 18 uses them and those people will be the future. Like why should you read a blog when you can just watch a vlog? I think video is the future

    • WPMU DEV
      WPMU DEV  साल पहले

      Thanks for watching. Erm...every major news outlet, ecommerce sites, schools, pretty much any site that you pull an RSS feed from. Though there are a ton of amazing strong women building freelance blogging businesses.

  • Blacksheep Mom
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  • Zoobia Mushtaque
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    Hello from The Kid Kaos Show.

  • Karthik J
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    Gives a clear though on what blog is..

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    what is a blog I still don't know!!!

    CHARLES GROOM 2 साल पहले

    you need to git da moneys

  • Salma Salma
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    I would like to thank you for this presentation and I wonder if I can get this whole explanation written.I'm just beginner with English. you speak very fast and I wasn't able to get some words and expressions.

    • Hala
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      هو بحكي انك ممكن تشاركي بالنصائح والافكار الي عندك عشان تقرءها وهاد عمل من البيت

    • WPMU DEV
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      Thank you for watching and for your feedback! We are always working on adjusting our timing. We will keep this in mind for future videos.

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    Sure thing. Nightshade Plus

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    I like how you provide templates on your description. Now, how do I start?

    • WPMU DEV
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      Thanks for watching! Here is a great place to get started. inclip.top/vidiyo/ZYTMYmN5emSPqpg/vidiyo.html
      If you decide on useing WordPress.org you can find loads of information about WordPress on wpmudev.com

  • Ryan Harris
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    Great video man, you got me taking notes over here! You and this other artist Hunnid got me thinking about starting a new channel and doing more on INclip. You should check him out... His videos are on my page.

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