Will 2019 Be the Year of MRA Lawsuits? TFF Episode 94

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  • 26/01/2019 को प्रकाशित
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  • biffa ozzie
    biffa ozzie साल पहले +109

    Janice / Steve. I'm a Professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia. My University recently advertised 9 tenured positions in the Faculty of Engineering from which men were excluded from applying. See www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-22/university-advertises-women-only-engineering-positions/10151496 You will note that the Dean of Engineering, Professor Ashman, justified this by saying "Society is going to need some very clever engineers and computer scientists and mathematicians in the future to solve a whole range of problems, and if we're not fishing from the whole pond we're going to have a problem." I was perplex as to how excluding 50% of the population is "drawing from the whole pond", but unfortunately, these sort of mental gymnastics seem common in this ideology. In Australia we don't have Title IX, but such discrimination is allowed under an exemption under section 47 Equal Opportunity Act 1984. This allows acts which aim to achieve equality of outcome. In other words, vicarious blame of current male engineering graduates is justified by perceived discrimination in the past, to which they had no connection or control (they weren't even born). The University is saying, essentially, "as far as we are concerned, if you have a penis, your degree is worthless". I find this utterly repugnant. The bigger concern is that this attitude is enshrined in legislation. How the hell did we allow that to happen? Unfortunately, among the university faculty and the public at large the response to this discrimination seems to have been a universal shrug and "well- whaddya gonna do". For STEM disciplines we now have a roll out of the Athena sage program in Australia (currently well entrenched in the UK), and gender quotas will likely be enforced by disallowing Universities from applying for research funding if they don't achieve gender benchmarks (except in nursing, education and humanities, of course- that's just fine). I'm expecting this obnoxious ideology to gain more of a foothold here. I'm also leaving the University in disgust.

    • Peter Oehring
      Peter Oehring महीने पहले

      So the unborn males must pay for the biasness against women that existed over 50 years ago. That is incredibly stupid and shows that any feminist is incapable of running things. Looks like progress will take a rest until they figure the big mistake and then China will overrun us.

    • Jim Barr Official
      Jim Barr Official 2 महीने पहले

      I feel bad for Aussies.. first, they willingly gave up the right to defend themselves with firearms, now the men in that country have ceded control to Orwellian leftists seeking to destroy the nation altogether. As Patrick Bet David has pointed out: Tough times create strong people, who in turn create good times, which in turn creates weak people, who in turn create tough times. And so the wheel goes round and round.

    • HammerheadHal
      HammerheadHal 9 महीने पहले +1

      I am sorry to hear that. I see discriminatory actions like these contributing to brain drain out of our countries to regions of the world where scientists and engineers can concentrate on their disciplines. I also wonder whether Athena Swan accreditation might be seen in the mid-term as a negative as far as private research funding/sponsorship is concerned. If an investor had a choice between choosing a partner with a staff of freely chosen expert researchers and other personnel vs a partner who's decision making abilities are openly compromised by identity politics, there is only one logical conclusion to come to. In the mid to long-term we have to wonder whether break-away universities focused exclusively on STEM are required to focus on the job in hand, without interference from pseudo-scientific propagandists.

    • N L
      N L 11 महीने पहले

      Sheer bigotry. Excluding any race, gender or sexual orientation from positions is sheer bigotry.

  • Molo Tulo
    Molo Tulo 26 दिन पहले

    Janice rocks!

  • Peter Oehring
    Peter Oehring महीने पहले

    There will never be equality of outcome. It runs against the natural progression of nature.

  • Canem Cave
    Canem Cave 3 महीने पहले

    yes yes see the reasoning, when they include me they are inclusive, otherwise they are not LOL

  • James Beemer
    James Beemer 3 महीने पहले +1

    Ok. I understand , I have a course in heavey equipment and maintanece under my belt . It was supposed to be gender inclusive . But a slot was opened when the females backed out .

    • James Beemer
      James Beemer 3 महीने पहले

      @StudioBrule yeah the women have decided that doing this type of work is ONLY for the men . Horray !

    • StudioBrule
      StudioBrule  3 महीने पहले

      This is happening in every profession. Men are only given the opportunity if no women apply. This means that men are being relegated to the most difficult, dangerous and/or undesirable jobs, while women sail into the cushy high paid jobs if they even bother showing up for work.

  • seldon wright
    seldon wright 3 महीने पहले

    STEM for women
    Socialism. Or Screwing
    Manipulation of data and men

  • Ssuss Yam
    Ssuss Yam 3 महीने पहले

    I respect very much the noble and erudite efforts of dr. Fiamengo to fight against the rampant destructive bigot feminism. Nevertheless, I think this all is too little and too late to stop the snowball and the coming deluge. The amount of destruction that feminism brought on western societies have already reached a "critical mass" and the no-return point. They are already nested deep in the institutions of the society: academia, media, entertainment, commercials, arts, big corporations, justice system, government, legislative bodies, military, bureaucracy etc. From here there is only one way - downwards until the culture/society collapses in one epical or apocalyptic bust.

  • Mohammad was illiterate
    Mohammad was illiterate 3 महीने पहले

    Men sue university

  • Mohammad was illiterate
    Mohammad was illiterate 3 महीने पहले

    Women only programs are "inclusive"... And we see how far the termites have set in and how well they dined within the so called patriarchy.

  • Mohammad was illiterate
    Mohammad was illiterate 3 महीने पहले

    Swap the gender and race only and re-read it to see if it doesn't sound racist.

  • Jim Hendricks
    Jim Hendricks 7 महीने पहले

    I feel oddly optimistic after seeing this. Cheers!

  • Tom Mcfadden
    Tom Mcfadden 8 महीने पहले

    If not for gender and women’s studies, where would man hating lesbians like Walters be employed?

  • Tom Mcfadden
    Tom Mcfadden 8 महीने पहले +1

    I can’t imagine that Adaku Onyeka is a very good lawyer. She doesn’t seem all that bright. Equality of outcomes sets these type of women up for failure and in the process harms the reputation of all lawyers.

  • Tom Mcfadden
    Tom Mcfadden 8 महीने पहले +1

    In the age of gender fluidity, I encourage all men in need of scholarships to apply for women only scholarships and claim to be women. Then sue if your gender identity is challenged.

  • Corno di Bassetto
    Corno di Bassetto 8 महीने पहले

    As a hominist I have never understood why special wardrobes or attire allowed to women in the workplace has never been litigated. Yet that's an easily winnable case.

    Why should women be allowed to paint their faces, their lips and eyes, and expose arms and legs or wear stiletto or high heels if men are not?

    There should be a uniform dress code for men and women in the workplace, and this dress code should include flat shoes for both men and women, no paint on the face, no flamboyant coiffures, no changing hair tints every few weeks, no exposed skin, either arms, legs, chest, or back, and no excessive jewelry, earrings, necklaces, etc. as well as no painted fingernails or long fingernails (typically symbolizing, as do stiletto heels, women's inability to do heavy duty manual labor, since they may stumble and fall or crack their fingernails).

    This should have been litigated decades ago. Instead we have lawmakers in Congress who appear in short skirts, stiletto heels and with painted lips and eyes, as do newswomen, female reporters, etc.

    So why hasn't this issue been litigated? Nor is any of this innocent. Nudity or paint on women has doctrinal impact, it teaches a doctrine, namely that women's bodies deserve to be exposed or painted in ways that men's bodies are not, and thus indoctrinates the ideology of female beauty or eroticism with pernicious effect, including the sexual and economic exploitation of men by women. It must stop.

  • terrypussypower
    terrypussypower 9 महीने पहले +1

    I’ve been wondering for a while now, when lawyers will be fighting back against the OBVIOUS gender discrimination aimed at males, it’s so BLATANT these days it’s become almost normalised!

  • Ted Logan
    Ted Logan 9 महीने पहले

    Anti-male sentiments, ideas, comments, and even actions are not only normalized, but celebrated in the media. Why is this okay? Here's hoping that something is done. I fear for my son and all young men.

  • Matty 934
    Matty 934 9 महीने पहले

    Why can't trans men apply for female only scholarships?

  • Johnny Tramain
    Johnny Tramain 9 महीने पहले

    I do wonder why the feminists aren't insisting that 50% of all garbage collector jobs be reserved for women only.

  • Steve Andersen
    Steve Andersen 9 महीने पहले

    Great news.

  • eric morgan
    eric morgan 9 महीने पहले +2

    "Tell a lie (Patriachy) often enough, and it becomes the truth".

  • Brian Toblerone
    Brian Toblerone 10 महीने पहले

    Men need to push for a "Men's Day" to show what contribution we make to society. Maybe then we can put an end to this ridiculous debate by literally shutting down our society for a day.

  • Gramma DRM
    Gramma DRM 10 महीने पहले

    Good for him! We have to fight back!

  • Mateusz Kowalski
    Mateusz Kowalski 10 महीने पहले

    It is good when women are engineers. All this shit will collapse faster.

  • Gray Matters
    Gray Matters 10 महीने पहले

    You are awesome. Keep up the great videos.

  • Josh Elliott
    Josh Elliott 10 महीने पहले

    An adult education vocational school near me offers what I think is a fair version of "equality of number of sexes in occupation" activism: Non-Traditionl Occupation scholarships. Basically if a man is getting into a typically female dominated field, such as nursing, he is qualified for the scholarship. Same for a woman going into a field like automotive tech. It could be argued that these are still sexist, and it is kind of hard to argue against that without feeling hypocritical, but I feel that since the scholarship is offered to both sexes, just depending on what they choose to do, it is different.

  • LeDeskripshun
    LeDeskripshun 10 महीने पहले

    So, basically even though Im *very* thankful for some of the male teachers I had. As women could never have provided some of that knowledge I got from male teachers. Young men just can't relate to old women or young women like they can to a father figure/brother figure.
    They're depriving our male youth of a vital part of education.

  • Richard Blackmore
    Richard Blackmore 11 महीने पहले

    I was a strong supporter of women's rights In my youth ( I am sixty years old). But the legal rights of women have long since been addressed, as have things such as education, job discrimination and laws applying to sexual harassment. Feminism however isn't about women's rights, it is about blaming (even hating) men for what happened long before their births. Feminism is a hateful, deceitful ideology which is a huge money maker for its most outspoken adherents. In all seriousness, " gender studies " needs to be reformed, or ended, and feminism needs to be recognized for what it is.

  • porrid geisnice
    porrid geisnice 11 महीने पहले

    I think Proff; Janice is a positive beacon of disseminating truths about Fembot Misandric Chauvinist s are DESPERATE to hide .. Keep up your fantastic work , we ALL could do with a little more Janice , 'n a helluva lot ess misandric driven man hating in ALL ou lives ... hurrah to ya , n more power to your arm :D

  • Matt Bonneville
    Matt Bonneville 11 महीने पहले +1

    Good luck at actually winning one of those formally women only scholarships.

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 11 महीने पहले

    Funny. I never saw these numbers of women to men in trade schools.

  • Tony Asjdhd U
    Tony Asjdhd U 11 महीने पहले

    it used to be that a great number of jobs that require a university degree today used to be handled by on the job training. Some IT companies preferred this as did logistics and management roles were gained by working your way into them. With the Looney left dominance of the universities it is only a matter of time before this comes back again because companies do not want to deal with this feminist bullshit any more. Love your talks Janice

  • Randy Douglas
    Randy Douglas साल पहले +1

    Marvelous news! Men need to fight back in spades! I am female and detest these man-hating Femin-Nazis, the unjust, double standards made into law and policy as well as the rampant sexist misandry made mainstream--and especially when it is directed at male children unable to defend themselves and who are open and vulnerable to this Marxist self-esteem destroying brainwashing and propaganda perpetrated by globalist deconstructionists! In a nutshell, Commie bastard indoctrination and subversion and divide and conquer!

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M साल पहले

    Janice, you had my head shaking at "Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies".

  • sojourn Traveler
    sojourn Traveler साल पहले

    Susanna Danuta deserves to have her sources of income reviewed.
    I would look to affiliations with the CIA and any of the 1,000 NGOs
    that George Soros Created. At the least with the Communist Ford Foundation.

  • sojourn Traveler
    sojourn Traveler साल पहले +1

    Animal Farm Quote " Some People are more equal"

  • sojourn Traveler
    sojourn Traveler साल पहले

    Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA.
    How many of these contemporary feminist do at this time?

  • AeneasGemini
    AeneasGemini साल पहले

    If equality of outcome is what feminists are after, then I've got good news for them, we've had equality of outcome since the dawn of mankind since I'm fairly certain that the outcome for everyone is death. Everything that happens before then is all about opportunity and whether you're capable of siezing it. We've been telling women for nearly a century that they're equally capable to men in most fields, the problem is that when those who can't inevitably don't succeed, they need to be able to blame someone. Instead of building on themselves or finding purpose elsewhere they blame society for their own failings. When a person goes around saying "it's always everyone else's fault" they inevitably have that backwards

  • Petre Catalin Logofatu
    Petre Catalin Logofatu साल पहले

    "Women are deified and they turn cruel and grotesque." Exactly. It is the religion of sex, the cult of Asherah.

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden साल पहले

    Fiamengo is logical AND a woman whose kinda hot. Unicorn alert.

  • Okaro X
    Okaro X साल पहले

    You cannot discriminate against men as men have the power. You cannot discriminate against the more powerful.

  • Wes Wolever
    Wes Wolever साल पहले

    Absolute equality of outcome... good luck with that little girl

  • Wes Wolever
    Wes Wolever साल पहले

    All animals are equal...but some animals are more equal then others

  • Tau Noctua
    Tau Noctua साल पहले +1

    I love Kursat Pekgoz, a one man wrecking crew of logic and activism.

  • TS 112
    TS 112 साल पहले

    Feminism continues to use the very thing they claim to being fighting against.....sexism. as the vehicle for fixing these supposed inequalities.

  • Shapeless27
    Shapeless27 साल पहले

    How CAN a university state they are against gender discrimination while actively hating on one gender? Not sure, but logic isn't their strong point these days.

  • Bradley Mosman
    Bradley Mosman साल पहले

    "Why can't we hate men?" Well, from time immemorial, the Loving gender has been proclaiming themselves as Woman the Good. Woman the Nurturer. Hating is not consistent with the message feminists have been feeding themselves. And trying to feed men and children.

  • Dana Church
    Dana Church साल पहले

    Keeping balance of power as unbalanced as possible is key to keeping power unbalanced in ones favor. Fuck the peasants. Praise the maggots.

  • Dana Church
    Dana Church साल पहले

    This arguement about women men being under represented in a field such as nursing being by choice or because of institutional discrimination is bogus on both grounds. This isn't the case where it must be one or the other. This is a much more complex issue and many combined reasons for the known results have occurred over many generations. You can't say if it's not by choice it must therefore be institutional discrimination when it could be a combination of both as well as multiple other factors. Also you can't say if it's not institutional discrimination it has to be by choice by process of elimination. That's not how multiple generational issues are solved by placing blame by process of elimination but by addressing multiple factors often not obvious or substantial but still influencing outcome. This is more complicated than heads I win tails you lose. These people are too busy arguing about the types of trees in the forest they can't even agree to the possibility there's something beyond it. Why are more women nurses? They are caregivers by the previous generations roles as mothers and homemakers. They haven't the musculature physicality of men to be adaptable to construction and heavy lifting manual labor. Women have for many many generations been seen as softer and better at nursing those in need of care at home and in communities. The aircraft line working women wasn't a foreseeable thing until it became a necessity. The desire to work outside the home is relatively new in the history of the modern population there's only been a history of women workforce since world war 2. That's a short period of time in relationships to how ingrained these family roles have been for centuries. In that relatively short time we've moved to implement civil rights for all citizens but are resistant to adjusting smoothly and many are hell bent on even admitting there were ever civil rights that should be granted to all citizens. At the same time you have charlatans and greedy driving many with power and resources to do everything I'm that power to hamstringing as many people as possible to remain in power while simultaneously running powerful propaganda campaigns to pit the civilian classes against one another for the benifits they reap from the civil unrest. This is choosing a side of an argument instead of rationalizing the multitude of things aligned to keep sides at odds with one another. This video is also pandering to those wanting a reasonable excuse to step on the rights of others for selfish purposes. Sorry not taking this bait. Before you can even accept these factors you have the instigators in society paying political activism to try and further disrupt social norms by utilizing mental health issues as weapons to destroy the weakest and most vulnerable while at the same time throwing more fuel on the fire by using morally bankrupt civilians to aid in civil unrest by dismantling any and all socially responsible forces and cause further unrest. Just as society accepts civil rights for all they pick out special interests to pander to and create tensions between the very people who believe in civil rights for all. By placing importance on social oddities and tiny aspects and giving them greater support and power than others civil rights for ordinary citizens is diminished and unrest stoked.

  • McCall Jones III
    McCall Jones III साल पहले

    Yes..it will.

  • Tim DeMond
    Tim DeMond साल पहले

    Thinking back to my college days I had many good professors and many average ones. The male professors fit into a bell shaped curve while the female had no middle, either good or bad to incompetent. The male hating that has been popular for many years has soured many female professors and they are unfit. Lets be honest and fire substandard professors, male or female.

  • asphalt hedgehog
    asphalt hedgehog साल पहले

    Maybe it is time the men simply throw out the females. By force. Yes, we are physically stronger, however the feminists don't know this because no one ever tought them.
    It does not make sense to use facts against feminists, because men invented facts, and therefore can never be true.

  • John Smith
    John Smith साल पहले

    Fuck yeah! Take em to the fucking cleaners!

  • All About Addison
    All About Addison साल पहले

    My family was torn apart by a false third party domestic violence allegation.. outside of the police everyone else involved in our process was female, Judge, Crown attorney, mandatory social workers. The damage done to my daughter over the two year ordeal made me want to work with children who had been caught up in the domestic violence justice system.. I figured I had a lived experience that I could apply, and a deep understanding of what these types occurrences could do to children, as outside of the legal issues my focus was to keep my daughter healthy throughout the situation. So I looked into George Brown, a Toronto College, and their counseling program for domestic violence survivors.. not only is it viewed through a feminist lens, Duluth model and all, but men may not apply, as their very presence may traumatize other female students.. Trans women are more than welcome though oddly.. My role as a father and a man and my lived and learned experience with the social work stream and justice system were just to male

  • Frank Genner
    Frank Genner साल पहले

    Here comes the money. Wonder when they will go into places like the DMV like the one I live by and see the only man that works there is the officer guarding the place.

  • richard ouvrier
    richard ouvrier साल पहले

    History, Janice. Duteronomy said "if a women is raped in the countryside, the rapist must marry her. If it happens in the city where she could call out for help, she gets stoned to death".

  • muh diversity
    muh diversity साल पहले +2

    I am pleased to hear that there are men like Dr Mark Perry in the perfect position to stand up and be counted in the fight against this societal cancer.

  • Dan Sullivan
    Dan Sullivan साल पहले

    The tide is turning.

  • Htims Senoj Ominona
    Htims Senoj Ominona साल पहले

    Have you seen of the study that shows 2:1 preference for women for faculty positions?

  • Olaf Weyer
    Olaf Weyer साल पहले

    Earn what you get, or what you get diminishes in value.