BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Official Trailer #2 (HD)

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  • One last time. #BadBoysForLife - watch the new trailer now. In theaters January 17.
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    The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.

    Directed by: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah

    Written by: Joe Carnahan and Chris Bremner

    Produced by:
    Jerry Bruckheimer
    Will Smith
    Doug Belgrad

    Executive Producers:
    Barry Waldman
    Chad Oman
    Mike Stenson
    James Lassiter

    Will Smith
    Martin Lawrence
    Vanessa Hudgens
    Alexander Ludwig
    Charles Melton
    Paola Nunez
    Kate Del Castillo
    Nicky Jam
    and Joe Pantoliano
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  • Best Bout Gaming
    Best Bout Gaming 3 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Reminds me of Lethal Weapon 2 where there's a lot more going than you expect from a buddy cop film.

  • Alexis Iglesias
    Alexis Iglesias 4 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Me p獺rese muy ficticio que uvieran colacado solo reggaeton eso se tir籀 la pel穩cula que pas籀 Wil dejo sus ra穩ces y se entregaron a el reggaeton

  • Rey Ardwin Calleja
    Rey Ardwin Calleja 4 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    There'a a part 4 coming since Mike offer his son an opportunity to work, maybe for AMMO coz he is retiring too. A badass father marrying the new captain with his son replacing him, then at the end need the help of the 2 original badboys.

  • KHGB
    KHGB 5 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    If you rewatched this after the movie you know that will being shot inside the car by the biker doesnt happen

    QUAVER 7 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • jchappelleh
    jchappelleh 7 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    My ranking of the trilogy, the best one being 1st.

  • 唸桑慈 538 徉
    唸桑慈 538 徉 7 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Bad boys 2 still my favorite

  • anbu999
    anbu999 8 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Decades later Marcus become a grandpa and Mike full of STDs

  • Moises Florez
    Moises Florez 8 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • Josue Dubon Castellanos
    Josue Dubon Castellanos 8 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    They should put this on Netflix

  • Ej Inamarga
    Ej Inamarga 8 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    The only thing missing in this great movie is the "Now that's how you supposed to .. From now on that how you ..." bit
    But hey I still love it

  • Red Dre
    Red Dre 8 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Someone over the age of 25 that doesn't get by on at fake laughing at scenes intended to be funny tell me if the movie was good or corny, please and thank you

  • WaterFTW
    WaterFTW 9 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    this trailer didnt show or explain much but im glad it did that. The movie had many shocking moments and it made it better.

  • Spywk gamer
    Spywk gamer 11 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Bad Boys for life good Boys for life

  • Fonzie Bulldog
    Fonzie Bulldog 13 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Another scream and laugh movie about taking down drug dealers. Tell me about it.

  • Cristina Morales
    Cristina Morales 16 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Loved it! We need a Bad Boys 4 soon!

  • Joel Severino
    Joel Severino 17 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Soy seguidor de Will Smith y su elenco de pel穩culas, pero al ver esta no puedo dejar de expresar mi decepci籀n que a su edad y con hijos adultos se preste para firmar "籀 dir穩amos da簽ar la sagas de Bad boy con tan mal mensaje".
    Se que se a equivocado en otras pel穩culas anteriores con muy mal concepto de buen film al que el nos ten穩a acostumbrado, pero llegar a tambi矇n enviar malos mensajes. "Ya 矇so da lastima", y sabemos que no es por falta de dinero.
    Qu矇 decepci籀n de pel穩cula.

  • Lycosyncer
    Lycosyncer 19 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Against all odds, not only did this film beat expectations and surprised everyone in a good way but it and Sonic the Hedgehog are the only 2020 blockbuster movies that didn't get screwed over by the pandemic. Who would have guessed?

  • Ruben Franco
    Ruben Franco 20 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Wow will smith are 2020 because naomi scott and mena massoud will wait aladdin return to jafer live action

  • Elliott Nicholson
    Elliott Nicholson 21 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    休劾 ♀ 休劾

  • Allen Rice
    Allen Rice 26 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I'll go bad boy all over their screen and real life daughters

  • Allen Rice
    Allen Rice 26 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Wana be thugs for life

  • Jose R
    Jose R 28 鄐舟凶鄐 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • Gasgasmotorsports
    Gasgasmotorsports 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    God i wish Michael mann would make another miami vice!

  • tsegay yosef
    tsegay yosef 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • master ken
    master ken 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Best movie of 2020, and it's only the beginning, don't expect any john wick action here, though.

  • Spirit Level Studios
    Spirit Level Studios 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    It was OK.

  • 苭苭苭 AMATUR S苭 VIDO - 苤LI苤 R
    苭苭苭 AMATUR S苭 VIDO - 苤LI苤 R 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • saunga1
    saunga1 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    She knows, she always knows.
    Yeah Marcus its called OnStar. Look it up.

  • Whitney Whitney
    Whitney Whitney 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Kathryn Gillson
    Kathryn Gillson 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    I love the part a high school musical boy band with guns and shes literally from hsm

  • Arturo Lizana
    Arturo Lizana 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Las voces originales para america latina

  • tsegay yosef
    tsegay yosef 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Zac7z V
    Zac7z V 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Best movie I saw

  • tsegay yosef
    tsegay yosef 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • henry kaneneh
    henry kaneneh 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Just watched it in the theater,, amazing stuff!

    YUNG CJAY 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I love bad boys for life am going to see it I love bad boys

  • Juan Vendrell
    Juan Vendrell 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Waste of time
    Ill take my money back
    Dont use the Mexican people as a drug dealer or there's good people among mexicans
    Bad actor do something the really change the wolrd we don't need more violence.

  • Sajad Mohammed
    Sajad Mohammed 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Will smith is a legend

  • buttercup6607
    buttercup6607 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I watch it with my family

  • God's Child
    God's Child 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I have seen the film 5 times. Tonight was my 5th. Interesting watching the audience's reaction to the twists and turns and for me bring able to relax and see other things and details I had not noticed before.


    WTF!!!? Damn Mandela effect strikes again! I'm really glad the guy is alive and well, but I 100 % remember watching it on the evening news a few years ago that Martin Lawrence died of a heart attack. And I know I can't be the only one. Hell, maybe I'm just going crazy. Looks a cool movie tho lol.

  • Omar YT
    Omar YT 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I feel like the reason why they said One more last time is because their afraid if their will be another movie that is trash

  • Omar YT
    Omar YT 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    The movie was awesome I watched it I was surprised it was amazing

  • K
    K 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    this movie is like, they put the original characters and put them in a fast and furious and john wich spinoff and make pg 13. maybe if michael bay wasn't too busy making bad transformers movies, this could've been good.

  • Nolan LaValley
    Nolan LaValley 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Went and saw this movie this weekend. Absolutely loved it.

  • Yasmien jaenang
    Yasmien jaenang 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I like the movie very well....semoga bermanfaat

  • Diamond & Gold Movies
    Diamond & Gold Movies 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Watch She Get The Money the movie on INclip

  • Evil Lemon
    Evil Lemon 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Evil Lemon
    Evil Lemon 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    MOVE U
    IS FAT

  • Yessica Reyes
    Yessica Reyes 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I just came from movies, I LOVED ITTTTTTT

  • Devan Beadle
    Devan Beadle 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    The Dark Knight Trilogy
    The Bad Boys Trilogy

  • 1000 subs without vids
    1000 subs without vids 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I watched this film today. It's a great film, very entertaining.

  • Adrian Maycroft
    Adrian Maycroft 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    After 3 attempts, this IS the best one , I loved it , so much fun from the first minute xxx

  • BRANDON Mcgilberry
    BRANDON Mcgilberry 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • BRANDON Mcgilberry
    BRANDON Mcgilberry 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Even the bat Mobile don't hold the road like this bitch

  • BRANDON Mcgilberry
    BRANDON Mcgilberry 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Even the bat Mobile don't hold the road like this bitch

  • Jean Luc Picard
    Jean Luc Picard 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    I not even a big bad boys fan but this new movie is fantastic. Couldn't believe how well made it is.

  • Blkeclipse L
    Blkeclipse L 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    " What did I say huh? I heard what I said - because I was standing there when I said it !! "

  • EIBaileDelSerrucho 2014
    EIBaileDelSerrucho 2014 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • EIBaileDelSerrucho 2014
    EIBaileDelSerrucho 2014 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • EIBaileDelSerrucho 2014
    EIBaileDelSerrucho 2014 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1


  • Andreas Kollmuss
    Andreas Kollmuss 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    A very good trailer; and Miami and South Beach are shown in a brilliant way.

  • Ana Gabrielly da Silva
    Ana Gabrielly da Silva 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    O filme 矇 um dos melhores que j獺 assisti !

  • fluffypanda13sav
    fluffypanda13sav 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do

    CHEVY_GO 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Where is bad boys

  • Ivan ElBebo
    Ivan ElBebo 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Tremenda pelicula brutal la mejor 2020

  • Giovanni Seth Vargas
    Giovanni Seth Vargas 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    This is some really telenovela shit

  • The Vinh Phan
    The Vinh Phan 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜


  • Kimora Gilliard
    Kimora Gilliard 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    Just Went to watch this yesterday its sooooo good and entertaining

  • Peste
    Peste 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +1

    Watched it. It's a great movie, great sequel. Very fun to watch! Smith and Lawrence are amazing!
    Watch it with a friend! Guaranteed fun.

  • Nemo Garcia
    Nemo Garcia 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Quienes ya vieron la pelicula cual es su opinion ?

  • Nemo Garcia
    Nemo Garcia 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Alguien abla espa簽ol

  • Yanty Van de Woestyne
    Yanty Van de Woestyne 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life. Great movie!

  • niks 05
    niks 05 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Hasta el fuego

    Like if you understand

  • CashedOut Kylia
    CashedOut Kylia 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Will looking handsome and still looks good now

  • Vito Mcsween
    Vito Mcsween 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Pepper: who wants to kill you
    Thor : I don't trust no one who don't wanna kill him hell put my name up there
    Tony: Thanks alot we got it Thor we appreciate it.

  • Roberto Rosales
    Roberto Rosales 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Interesante, tocar 2 de las deidades mas amadas en el mundo, no es cualquier cosa. La Guadalupana (Tonanzin), La Ni簽a Blanca (Mictlantecuhtli). Ambas deidades son las mas adoradas en el mundo en su respectiva forma y representaci籀n. Solo recordemos que Will Smith, 繳ltimamente ha perdido el toque en sus pel穩culas,solo esta, y la representaci籀n de Aladdin. Son lo ultimo rescatable del Actor en realidad. Aladdin es un ideal de que todo sue簽o puede ser realidad, aunque sea de un ladr籀n...

  • Clemens Dorfstetter
    Clemens Dorfstetter 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜 +2

    where is cake boy?
    Did they really cut him out of the movie?
    Can織t believe it

  • Debrah Ruvando
    Debrah Ruvando 2 鄐桌允鄍鄐兒 鄐芹允鄐耜

    Bad Boys are about to retire and do Man things:)#ONE LAST TIME