11 Fun Christmas Dessert Ideas! Holiday Season Recipes

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  • 2/12/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Christmas comes but once a year and it always brings many delicious desserts and treats to every house! This year, how about we add some magic to the table? Here are a whole bunch of amazing winter dessert decorating ideas and Christmas treat hacks for you to surprise your friends and family with! Decorate a simple sponge cake with easy to make Christmas cake decorations or make adorable polar bear paw cupcakes using oreo cookies! Grab a plate of ginger cookies and stay tuned for all these and more awesome winter snack and treat ideas!
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    0:00 Gingerbread Men Cake
    1:06 Polar Bear Paw Cupcake
    1:30 Reindeer Brownie
    2:27 Waffle & Tangerines Dessert
    2:56 Peanut Butter Rocky Road Bar
    4:09 Gingerbread Men Desserts
    5:02 Fir Tree Cake
    6:31 Cranberry Brownies
    7:36 Fruit Cake
    8:30 Christmas Éclair
    9:33 Peppermint Cookies
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    Hey, Winter Pandas, 🐼❄️
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    I’ve got some amazing dessert hacks and winter treat ideas to save your Christmas! 🕯️🍰😋
    Let me know which of them will decorate your dessert and snack table! 🎂🧁🥳
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