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He Loved My Puri Aloo | Ss Recipe Vlog :-)
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When I Spoilt his Beard | 21 days Lockdown | Ss vlogs :-)
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Feeding Hungry Stray Animals in Lockdown | Ss vlogs :-)
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My First Cooking Vlog | SS Kadi Pakoda Recipe :-)
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Three Dogs Bath Challenge | 21 days Lockdown | Ss vlogs :-)
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Finally Unboxing my MAC Mystery Box | Ss vlogs :-)
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Holi with Coronavirus | Ss vlogs :-)
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He Cant See Anything for 24 hours ? | SS vlogs :-)
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This is what we did on Mahashivratri | Ss vlogs :-)
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Saas ke Saamne Besharmi | Ep 5 | Amritsar 2020 | Ss vlogs :-)
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We Fought Over This Bigg Boss 13 Contestant | Ss vlogs :-)
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My Chihuahua Took Revenge When I Reached Home | Lucknow | Part 2
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It Made Me Cry | Happy New Year 2020 | Part 2 | Ss vlogs :-)
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Last Show of 2019 | Happy New Year 2020 | Part 1 | Ss vlogs :-)
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Finally My Mystery Birthday Gift Box Arrived | Ss vlogs :-)
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We Became Santa and Did This on Christmas Night | Ss Vlogs:-)
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Proud of Myself for Doing This | Crawford Market Vlog
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My Dog Singing Birthday Song for Me | My Birthday Vlog :-)
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He Surprised me with this for my Birthday Bring in | SS vlogs :-)
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My Surprise became Shock for Him | SS vlogs :-)
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Biggest Song of 2020 with Pawan Singh for Sher Singh | SS vlogs :-)
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Dogs Bath Day | Mission Impossible | SS vlogs :-)
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Did too much Hair Highlights | SS vlogs :-)
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This Happened After My Performance | SS vlogs :-)
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Dancing for Dogs Doctors | SS vlogs :-)
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Why are we Turning VEGAN For 30 days ? | Ss vlogs :-)
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We Arranged Free of Cost Treatment for all of you | SS vlogs :-)
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He Proposed Me 40 Times | Most Unusual Love Story | SS vlogs :-)
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He Abused Them Like Hell | Mumbai Biggest Flea Market | SS vlogs :-)
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Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life | Ss vlogs :-)
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Night Out for Mumbai's famous Street Food | SS vlogs :-)
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Yes, I Am a Ramleela Actor | Saturday Shopping | Ss vlogs :-)
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My Chihuahua Surprised me | Ss vlogs :-)
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I am Going , He is Enjoying | SS vlogs :-)
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Here is our DIWALI Vlog | SS vlogs :-)
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She Almost Drowned Underwater ? | EP 5 | Mauritius | SS vlogs :-)
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Once in a Lifetime Experience | Ep 4 | Mauritius | SS vlogs :-)
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Found 500 Mauritian rupee on road | Ep 2 | Mauritius | SS vlogs :-)
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He Called Me A Raakshas | Ep 1 | Mauritius | SS vlogs :-)
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Chaand Bhaisaab Ne Rula Diya | Karwachauth | SS Vlogs :-)
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Halat Kharab Hai | Part 4 | Off to patna | Ss vlogs :-)
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Changed Cloths On The Way | Off to patna | Part 3 | Ss vlogs :-)
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Look Who I met in Flight ? | Off to Patna | Part 2 | Ss vlogs :-)
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Doing Bala Dance with Him | Off to Patna | Part 1 | Ss vlogs :-)
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Time To Face Baby Planning Question | Q & A | Part 2
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How Many Girls He Dated ? | Q & A | Part 1
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Lo ji Public Demand Pe Ek Aur Saree | Ss vlogs :-)
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Called Whole Garba Crowd on Stage | Ss vlogs :-)
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First Time Wore Bengali Saree For Durga Puja | Ss vlogs :-)
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Ek Dhokhebaaz Vlogger | SS Vlogs :-)
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Mata Ne Bacha Liya | SS Vlogs :-)
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Qayamat ka Din | Dogs Vaccination Day | Ss vlogs :-)
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Who is Sending Me This ? | SS vlogs :-)
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We all loved it | Ss vlogs :-)
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Puchho Jo Puchhna hai | Q & A | Part 1 | Ss vlogs :-)
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He Imitates Me Very Badly | SS vlogs :-)
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This Girl Broke the Security to Reach Us | Ss vlogs :-)
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And the Best Debut Actor Male Award Goes to.... | SS vlogs :-)
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Missed Her in My Standing Ovation Show in Bhopal | Ss vlogs :-)
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Didn't Expect Double Surprise From Him | Ss vlogs :-)
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Who are My Favourite Indian Vloggers ? | SS Vlogs :-)
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    U r so talented

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    I am your big fan.... I love you mam...

  • Mandeep Kaur
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    Sambhavna iraade thik nhi lag rhe apke. Sabhi restaurants ka permanent lockdown karwa dogi kya...nice recipe yar...ap effortlessly bana deti hn mazak mazak me wo bhi itna tastey, cholle dekhke hi pata chalta h 😋

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    Going to make it tomorrow. can't wait anymore

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    Plz guys subscribe to our channel see my profile to watch amazing videos

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    Asha Dahiya घंटे पहले

    Hi Sambavana ji my 7years old son like your blog's very much n he request you to please make a blog with all your dogies

  • Uttrakhand Youtuber Tara Bisht
    Uttrakhand Youtuber Tara Bisht घंटे पहले

    Nice vlog di

  • Ashu Mishra
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    Simple Cooking By Sweta घंटे पहले

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  • Anuradha desai
    Anuradha desai घंटे पहले

    Sambhavana, you are a truly amazing woman, Thanks for taking all this trouble in the kitchen,to do this vlog.Your mother has really taught you how to be a complete woman. I wish the other stars take a tip from you and manage their home and career the way you have. Both you and Avinash love each other. And for me this is a real partner ship where you both are honest and loving plus straight forward like two good best friends. .Bless you both

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    Pooja Bharadwaj घंटे पहले

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    sanjana sanju घंटे पहले

    Jitne khus ap bnate wqt hote ho mam...wese hi idhr hm b videos delh k khus ho rhe hote h...shi me real superwomen ho ap.....luv u bhut sarraaaa

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    *7:07* apne jis hath se apne dog ko pakda tha aur apne usi se chocolate kha lia

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    Hi mam.. ek bar chikan biriyani ki receipy dikhavo.. please

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