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    Who else saw the fake coconut

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    That's what happems when you overdo your job!!!!!!

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    LAST CAR. WHO ELSE was waiting for the MILITARY driver to step out and FINISH up the drama. likes please.

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  • Collins Wekesa
    Collins Wekesa 25 मिनट पहले

    Haha after being warned he went ahead and drank it. I gues if Dominion had her bag of coconut someone could have seen it rough. Anyway watching from kenya goodwork mark angel fot exposing the evilness of our traffic police officers.

  • Elizabeth Njoroge
    Elizabeth Njoroge 25 मिनट पहले

    Seriously Mark has a problem, why won't he get money fast instead of public advertising how rich he is🤔🙄

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    3:02 when your teacher have to flog you 100 times

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    Wow dis is so funny eh so I drank pregnant women urine

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    have any of you viewers wonder what happened to denilson??????

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    Where is the originality that made this comedy so funny and addictive the kid skits have taken over

  • Bxbynaffie Bayo
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    I hate this video because of the officer’s behavior. This really happens in real life😩

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