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6 von Brock Lesnar aufgestellte Rekorde: WWE List This!
दृश्य 5642 दिन पहले
Joaquin Wilde vs. Finn Bálor: WWE NXT, Jan. 22, 2020
दृश्य 38Kदिन पहले
REVIVE Raw en 6 (MINUTOS): WWE Ahora, Jan 20, 2019
दृश्य 125K2 दिन पहले
Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Jan. 20, 2020
दृश्य 1.4M2 दिन पहले
WWE Raw Full Episode, 20 January 2020
दृश्य 64K2 दिन पहले
FULL MATCH - 2016 Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2016
दृश्य 995K6 दिन पहले
Lana demands praise from the WWE Universe: Raw, Jan. 20, 2020
दृश्य 221K3 दिन पहले
Matt Hardy vs. Erick Rowan: Raw, Jan. 20, 2020
दृश्य 325K3 दिन पहले
The Monday after The Weekend Update: Raw, Jan. 20, 2020
दृश्य 116K3 दिन पहले
Becky Lynch vs. Kairi Sane: Raw, Jan. 20, 2020
दृश्य 501K3 दिन पहले
Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre: Raw, Jan. 20, 2020
दृश्य 659K3 दिन पहले
WWE Royal Rumble 2020: By the Numbers
दृश्य 504K3 दिन पहले
Eine Woche bis zum Rumble - Das Beste aus WWE, 20. Januar 2020
दृश्य 2.3K3 दिन पहले
¡Seth Rollins tiene un nuevo discípulo!: Lo Mejor de WWE
दृश्य 41K3 दिन पहले
R-Truth’s 24/7 Championship wins: WWE Playlist
दृश्य 1.1M6 दिन पहले
Big E eats popcorn at ringside
दृश्य 108K6 दिन पहले
Loudest Royal Rumble Match pops: WWE Top 10, Jan. 19, 2020
दृश्य 2.1M7 दिन पहले
REVIVE SmackDown en 5 (MINUTOS): WWE Ahora, Jan 17, 2020
दृश्य 80K5 दिन पहले
WWE SmackDown Full Episode, 17 January 2020
दृश्य 89K5 दिन पहले
Batista conquers Legends: WWE Playlist
दृश्य 570K6 दिन पहले
Lio Rush vs. Sunil Singh: WWE 205 Live, Jan. 17, 2020
दृश्य 58K6 दिन पहले
Tyler Breeze vs. Ariya Daivari: WWE 205 Live, Jan. 17, 2020
दृश्य 44K6 दिन पहले
Lacey Evans vs. Bayley: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020
दृश्य 390K6 दिन पहले
Shorty G stands tall against Sheamus: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020
दृश्य 280K6 दिन पहले
The Usos vs. The Revival: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020
दृश्य 281K6 दिन पहले
Big E vs. John Morrison: SmackDown, Jan. 17, 2020
दृश्य 1.1M6 दिन पहले
WWE family pays tribute to Rocky Johnson on social media
दृश्य 64K6 दिन पहले
WWE remembers the lasting legacy of Rocky Johnson
दृश्य 264K6 दिन पहले
King Corbin, Kentucky, is born: WWE’s The Bump
दृश्य 17K6 दिन पहले
Kane vuelve a SmackDown: WWE Ahora, Jan 17, 2020
दृश्य 87K6 दिन पहले
Kayla Braxton goes crabbing with Lacey Evans: WWE’s The Bump
दृश्य 142K7 दिन पहले
Top 10 NXT Moments: WWE Top 10, Jan. 15, 2020
दृश्य 468K7 दिन पहले
Reversals From Outta Nowhere!: WWE 2K20 Top 10
दृश्य 148K7 दिन पहले
What was up on Raw between Brock Lesnar and R-Truth?: WWE Now
दृश्य 273K7 दिन पहले


  • Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast
    Juice Pro Wrestling Podcast 4 घंटे पहले

    New tag champs in AEW and new Champ in NXT! Love it!

  • Android Phone
    Android Phone 4 घंटे पहले

    Yes she can lift her ground

  • Doxx Boy
    Doxx Boy 4 घंटे पहले

    He pint every wrestler with his leg

  • preet saini
    preet saini 4 घंटे पहले

    every return starts with OH MY GOD YOU GONNA KIDDING ME

  • DayFul
    DayFul 4 घंटे पहले

    Zach Gibson on the mic = gold.

  • Jaggi Sandhu
    Jaggi Sandhu 4 घंटे पहले

    Drew is best

  • Margaret Bermea
    Margaret Bermea 4 घंटे पहले

    Congratulations to theNorth American champion Keith Lee you deserve it what's up big baby

  • Android Phone
    Android Phone 4 घंटे पहले

    No title is bigger than the class

  • Аниме Видео
    Аниме Видео 4 घंटे पहले

    Оо Саша молодец 👍🏻

  • Ehan Azad
    Ehan Azad 4 घंटे पहले

    He should lose the title to dijakovic in another 5 star match

  • fofo Queen
    fofo Queen 4 घंटे पहले


  • Bảo Châu
    Bảo Châu 4 घंटे पहले

    Love you ronda

  • Zawar Khan
    Zawar Khan 4 घंटे पहले

    1:30 You can tell Beth loved Star Wars: A New Hope 😂😂😂

  • Just Duncan
    Just Duncan 4 घंटे पहले

    The cutest badass ever!

  • zen kai
    zen kai 4 घंटे पहले

    Stroman didn't shake off lesnars hook haha

  • nasos lahanas
    nasos lahanas 4 घंटे पहले

    I wonder why a wrestler like the Great Khali who can destroy all these guys accepts to participate in this joke. Cant he see that he gets humiliated ?

  • Doxx Boy
    Doxx Boy 4 घंटे पहले

    In past he was great champ....black colour suits him ....

  • The XZ Show
    The XZ Show 4 घंटे पहले

    Biggest transformation of Dean Ambrose

  • RAUH Welt
    RAUH Welt 4 घंटे पहले

    "Sir step out of the car. Last warning." -- "NO! Am I under Arrest? Am I under Arrest? I know my Rights! Am I being detained?! I want to speak to your superior officer!!!" 2:32

  • Bobbie Sims
    Bobbie Sims 4 घंटे पहले

    The Ref Gets Bumped a Little And Gets Knocked Out.Fake.Good Acting.

    PUBG KING 4 घंटे पहले

    Who wants see Rey Mysterio face give a like 👍 and make to 10k like 👍

  • Ryan wainwright
    Ryan wainwright 4 घंटे पहले

    Bask in his gorly

  • Md Rakibul Hasan
    Md Rakibul Hasan 4 घंटे पहले


  • Dolph Ziggler
    Dolph Ziggler 4 घंटे पहले

    Why wwe not uploading highlights?

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali 4 घंटे पहले


  • Android Phone
    Android Phone 4 घंटे पहले

    Let's see what she has to teach Shave the beared or be a Man to match the class of a woman of class !

  • Chthonian121
    Chthonian121 4 घंटे पहले

    So we're all supposed to pretend she lost her Russian accent? xD

  • Golden Heart
    Golden Heart 4 घंटे पहले

    His father was sooooo fine 😊

  • عبدالرحمن يوسف
    عبدالرحمن يوسف 4 घंटे पहले


  • Ольга Суровая
    Ольга Суровая 4 घंटे पहले


  • Ali ReRE
    Ali ReRE 4 घंटे पहले

    Bask in his cringe. 💪

  • Bobbie Sims
    Bobbie Sims 4 घंटे पहले

    Why Does It Take The Ref So Long To Count To Ten In The WW FAKE!!!

  • Ajay Koduri
    Ajay Koduri 4 घंटे पहले

    He doesn't deserve suplex atleast 😁

  • DC Rayleigh
    DC Rayleigh 4 घंटे पहले

    The Greatest Wrestler of all time! The Deadman The Phenom The American Badass The Legendary The UNDERTAKER!

  • Sujoy Sarkar
    Sujoy Sarkar 4 घंटे पहले

    He sounded like otis

  • Mijwa Sabri
    Mijwa Sabri 4 घंटे पहले

    R.I.P warriorrr

  • bloodzcannon
    bloodzcannon 4 घंटे पहले

    Aj needs 1 more run with the title becore he retires amd he should have that run on smackdown the house that aj styles built he should also defeat reigns for that title they had some good matches together

  • SUBZERO_CA13 -
    SUBZERO_CA13 - 4 घंटे पहले

    Y2J :/

  • An Vu
    An Vu 4 घंटे पहले

    Victory Limitless!!!

  • Hub li
    Hub li 4 घंटे पहले

    The last kick on her face, was awesome...

  • Oliver Mapp
    Oliver Mapp 4 घंटे पहले

    How the hell is Edge 2010 not in here?😂

  • ren ind
    ren ind 4 घंटे पहले

    This is the reason I love NXT,they Give Opportunities to every wrestlers. Not like Raw And Smackdown ruining Braun and lashley's Career. Braun performs nicely in every episode but not having a single Championship belt. Bobby lashley is not getting match with Brock lesnar or any championship matches.Raw,Smackdown Sucks

  • DC Rayleigh
    DC Rayleigh 4 घंटे पहले

    AAhhh the good old days of wwe

  • Boxer Raja
    Boxer Raja 4 घंटे पहले

    Never trust a snake we all know that was fake

  • Alen Rannu
    Alen Rannu 4 घंटे पहले


  • lau ho ming
    lau ho ming 4 घंटे पहले

    like me if hate The Miz

  • Harshad Borade
    Harshad Borade 4 घंटे पहले


  • Chris Pfeiffer
    Chris Pfeiffer 4 घंटे पहले

    1:22 aaaand Bobby Fish has another concussion

  • CM Punk
    CM Punk 4 घंटे पहले

    That’s My Pick To Win The Royal Rumble Match👍

    JTG ENT 4 घंटे पहले

    Rocky will always be an icon And he birthed another icon aswell His legacy will live on forever !

  • 9-Bit
    9-Bit 4 घंटे पहले

    Batista is also Filipino nice...

  • filip gejmer ks
    filip gejmer ks 4 घंटे पहले


  • PewDíePie
    PewDíePie 4 घंटे पहले

    0:01 My Mother Looking Through My Phone History😂

  • Steely666
    Steely666 5 घंटे पहले

    Top fakery.

  • umesh vyas
    umesh vyas 5 घंटे पहले

    3:13 shawn michales single handly eliminate the giants vader and yokozuna that was scared

  • Ежевика TV
    Ежевика TV 5 घंटे पहले

    Очень хорошо было бы если бы был перевод!

  • RAUH Welt
    RAUH Welt 5 घंटे पहले

    He takes his time for the fans and especially the Kids. Gotta respect that! Top entertainer

    D MASTER 5 घंटे पहले

    Well we know roderick is going to be turned on soon

  • Super Vegito
    Super Vegito 5 घंटे पहले

    Better main event than raw

  • BV Gamers
    BV Gamers 5 घंटे पहले

    The best of Shinsuke Nakamura

  • BV Gamers
    BV Gamers 5 घंटे पहले

    The best of Shinsuke Nakamura

  • BV Gamers
    BV Gamers 5 घंटे पहले

    The best of Shinsuke Nakamura

    D MASTER 5 घंटे पहले

    I know this is nxt but I have to support the boys because at elimination chamber I'm bringing red cups

  • Juan hernandez
    Juan hernandez 5 घंटे पहले

    What a good match up... Is what would have said if this match had happened during the ruthless aggression era and not 15 years later where both fighters are in their 50s.

  • christopher corvino
    christopher corvino 5 घंटे पहले

    Fun fact. Lana is Venezuelan American.

  • junior gamarra
    junior gamarra 5 घंटे पहले

    Admit it. You imagine this guy's face and you laugh at it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Айнуска Тойчубаева
    Айнуска Тойчубаева 5 घंटे पहले


  • Awxelzyx
    Awxelzyx 5 घंटे पहले

    Very Gooood 🔥✊🏽

  • Keenan Joseph
    Keenan Joseph 5 घंटे पहले

    So great

  • Maz1r
    Maz1r 5 घंटे पहले

    Кто тоже думает что Ronda Жилела её в начале 👍

  • Gzeos.B
    Gzeos.B 5 घंटे पहले

    13:31 R.I.P la sécurité 😂😂😂😂

  • basic bangla
    basic bangla 5 घंटे पहले

    You subscrib my chennel me subscrib your chennel

  • Juan Arapa
    Juan Arapa 5 घंटे पहले

    Bask in his glory

    D MASTER 5 घंटे पहले

    Omfg val venis

  • Vijen M
    Vijen M 5 घंटे पहले

    Aj s the worst

  • Raka Ramadhan
    Raka Ramadhan 5 घंटे पहले

    They forget lacey evans eliminated the ICONIC

  • Venar 5912
    Venar 5912 5 घंटे पहले

    57:35 Undertaker said "hit me" :D i love it xD

  • ابوغنيمة سعد
    ابوغنيمة سعد 5 घंटे पहले

    Good morning 😘 ❤️ love me ❤️

  • RAUH Welt
    RAUH Welt 5 घंटे पहले

    00:02 - Me after taking a double Scoop of pre Workout in the locker room before leg day.

  • Kingston
    Kingston 5 घंटे पहले

    Strong can become modern day Kurt angle

  • k red
    k red 5 घंटे पहले


  • Markus Matischok
    Markus Matischok 5 घंटे पहले


  • An Vu
    An Vu 5 घंटे पहले

    Yes Keith Lee is a new NXT North American Championship!

  • Gasan Axmedov
    Gasan Axmedov 5 घंटे पहले

    Ставлю лайк только Джон сине