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    But wear os hota toh acha àur hota

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    Huawie is best in technology. It's a good's have all features

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    Best watch

  • T G Ashwin
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    Don't just copy other youtubers do something new. People watch you for your comedy timing that is lost now. Every month Smartphones under every segment Tech news There is enough of tech news everyday Upcoming smartphones & Unboxings Q&a is worst like this or that, take creative questions.. Tell about new apps Tell people about softwares that are useful Gadgets small that are useful Give content not copy other indian youtubers Do something new like Arun saini,

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    I like it

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    This is simpley wow.😘😘😘😘😘

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    The satellite is not 628kg it’s 628 gram’s 😂

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    Apple ke Kamal kardiya 🤣🤣

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    Puri sports watch lgti hai 😍

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    Can we do voice over after making video?

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    Its amazing with indian company. I like design of watcn

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    first impression is good

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    Bhut Sandar hai

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    # ask rohez best smartphone under 15k ( based on overall performance) Comment bro please

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    Wish I had enough money to buy it 🤑😂

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    One of the Best Smart Watch of the Year 'Huawei Watch GT 2' 😍😍 Specially 46 MM

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    3,500,000 apple O m g 😅😅😅

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    Bro love from j&k cant able to acces internet but still able to manage somehow to watch ur peace🥰

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    Good watch with 3 days battery life 👍👍👍 Fully loaded with features and indian company

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    Bhai aap konsa editer use karte ho please bta do

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    To isme PUBG Ki kya galti h 😡😡

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    Nice watch

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    Good video

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    Bahi jab aap mobile ki unboxing karte ho to wo aap kharid te ho ya company datehai

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    Can i get this phone coz my phone was totally damaged😟😟😟😟

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    Bhai ap dono Bhai ka pura nam Kya hai.....

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    Best smart watch in 2019

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    bhai ess me kya utube chala sakte ha kya????

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    Vai k30 pro kab ayega

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    ruhez vai...agar ap samsung galaxy watch ka ek review bohot acca hoga....our in dono mese konsa acca hay...plz bata dena

  • Chirag Tulsiyani
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    The Best Part Of This Phone Is Kirin 980 Processor 3750mAh Battery With Fast Charger And Side Mounted Fingerprint Scanner

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    Awesome watch hai

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    Please ek video banao xiaomi smartwatch vs Huawei smartwatch

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    Emerging technologies smart watches and the price is good. Future is here

  • Technical bhajan- V.K
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    Xaiomi : 🤨 Huawei : 😋

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    Big display and huawei kirin a1 processor. I hope the battery really lasts 2 weeks

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    Better than mi watch because it has round dial

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    Giveaway ho jaay who agree like 👇👇

  • Chirag Tulsiyani
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    The Best Part Of This Phone Is Snapdragon 665 Processor 5000mAh Battery And Design

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    Good morning

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    What if we deposit 1000 rs but afterwards we want to pay rest amount as COD plz tell.. Realme x2 *

    A S V FUN VINES घंटे पहले

    Ap ek chiz bataye ke galti un logo ke hai ya pubg ke kyonki game to nahi kheta ke aap andhe banke khelo

  • Mayank
    Mayank घंटे पहले

    #Ask Ruhez When we can see Redmi K30 in India? And a comparison between Realme X2 and K30

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    So we cannot download apps? Why don't you mention in video? Mi watch has playstore !

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    GM... Ek oor smart watch 😃

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    2 week battery backup and design look bhot accha laga good morning bhai

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    Sir realme 5 pro ke camera bhat achha he...aur display bhi achha he.....aur...apkaa....talking style mast he....also handsome sir..

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    Another Premium Smartwatch In The Market The List Is Not Going Stop

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    The Best Part Of This Phone Is Display And 25W Fast Charging

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    I like circular display and water proof of gt2

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    Dear Ruhez bro, your video is very nice and informative as usual. I press like button before watching your videos.

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