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  • soaib khan
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    That beep ruined entire fun...

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    I respect u dhruv bhai but kunal kamra is asshole

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    I was there for the first show and somehow couldn't manage to stay for the podcast, but thanks for uploading it here, and wish to meet you personally soon.

  • soaib khan
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    Kunal kamra nailed it..

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    Chor chor mousere bhai

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    Always be learning yo

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    @Dhruv Rathee compare Indian education with Chinese and Korean, they are much more competent than entire Europe.

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    Sound quality is poor

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    we want more qna

  • p4k8g5i7
    p4k8g5i7 31 मिनट पहले

    I past there was a famous and an appropriate saying: A WONDER THAT IS INDIA. Now now with ubiquitous ’chalta hai’ attitude, the Indian education system is pathetic! now the appropriate words are: ‘A BLUNDER THAT IS INDIA!’

  • Gabbru Indian
    Gabbru Indian 31 मिनट पहले

    Sir please a video on CAB( citizenship Amendment BIL?)

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    Bhaii kamra ne boht weight loose kra h 😂😂

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    Question 5 spot on.

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    I don't even know what to say...

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    Thanks sri apne sach dikhaya

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    Yaar.....wo course ke paise kyo le raha hai...ek to information ki itni kami hai duniya me, upar se jo hai, wo bhi paid service... haaah... Kabhi paisonn ke badle thanks bhi swikaar karo...

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    Mandir wahi banegaaa. ....ban gya bc la. Kya kar liya tuna

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    Hence 1 euro is worthy of 80 rupees.

  • Lazy Yoda
    Lazy Yoda घंटे पहले

    I have a question.. If majority of the nation supports people who say that "our nation" doesn't tolerate the existence of other religions, we are not secular, statues are more important than education, women are responsible for rapes, elections needn't be held anymore.. Is it ok to be "Anti- national" in such a nation??

  • deoyani barde
    deoyani barde घंटे पहले

    Totally agreed with the point of defaming by Dhruv. Then the question arises about staking our democracy?!

  • waseem siddique
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    Bhai Mai Raat me 2:40am pe video Dekh r hu Obviously I want more

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    Make video on Kailasha 🤣

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    Modi ko gaali do or famous ho jao 😂😂

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    This video doesn't deserve dislikes

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    I m great fan yours both

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    I was there in Amsterdam on 30th Nov. missed

  • Complexifying The Simple
    Complexifying The Simple घंटे पहले

    Can you please explain Where Does all the Indian taxes funds collected by government from the nation goes around ? Where the major part of this is Invested and Why even after collecting a huge amount of taxes from people the conditions of Government schools are more than worse? Why they even cannot provide a proper education Upto the class 10? Where do these tax funds actually go?

  • vishal coolin down
    vishal coolin down घंटे पहले

    Wow..listen to the answer to question number 5..he said I don’t think education se kuch Lena dena hai..wah 👏🏻.. according to them anyone who doesn’t agree with them are not articulate and objective..they are the opposite version of Arnab Goswami..only soft spoken

  • .Saim Afaque khan
    .Saim Afaque khan घंटे पहले

    Mele a vedio on RFiD chip

  • Ayaz Zia
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    Einstein didn't use maths to discover gravity - Indian education

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    We want more videos.enjoyed very much!!

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    K.K: The E in sitharaman stands for the economist Random guy: but is no E K.K : exactly 🙃.....

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    Make one video About Dr. Zakir Nike

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    Bpcl and air india खरीदेगा कौन,,?? अंबानी और अडानी ग्रुप....

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    Nahin घंटे पहले

    Make one video About Dr. Zakir Nike Make one video About Dr. Zakir Nike Make one video About Dr. Zakir Nike Make one video About Dr. Zakir Nike

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    Tell me about Dr. Zakir Nike...... Plssssss

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    As of now, had media and social network been so active like 20 years back.. many things would have been different

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    Hahahaha... Bahut accha laga debate. Sahi main aisa hi hota hai.. I agree with you dhruv.

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    Voice is too bad but somehow enjoyed...

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    Call Sambit Patra at 4am. Ask him to do a puja and surya namaskar

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    We want more QnA....

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    Dhruv sir kunal sir को बोलो क्या कोंग्रेसी नेताओं के जैसे हमेसा इंग्लिश मे बोल रहे है. थोड़ा हिंदी भी बोले. Bjp मे अनपढ़ नेता हिंदी मे झूट बोल कर पूरा महफिल लूट लेते है . So आगे से थोड़ा हिंदी भी जरुरी है

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    Feewww feeewwww DHRUV BHAI GREAT🤠🤠🤠

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    Kunal Se bolo Bhai thoda matrabhasa me bi baat kar liye Kare..... Benchod hamesha english chodta rhta hai.... America walo ko samjha ra hai kya

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    मुझे ऐसा क्यों लग रहा है आज तो सब की बजेगी बैंड

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    Bloody propoganda players...😝😝😝😝

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    It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled Dhruv bhai i have recently started to watch your channel ...hats off you man

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    মৃগতৃষ্ণা -Mrigotrishna 2 घंटे पहले

    we can't live as a 2nd class citizen in our own motherland. this bill is violating Assam accord, Indian Constitution. Assam and North East is not a dumping ground of illegal immigrants. already we lost our mother tongue, political, economic rights. remove this bill .... we are suffering.

  • Mr. Digya Pratap singh
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    इस देश में बलतकारी. खूनी . आतंकवादी ही नेता सासंद. बिधायक को ही जनता बोट देती हैं.। ईमानदारो का कोई काम नही राजनीति में

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    ध्रुव तुम्हारी सबसे अच्छी बात ये लगी कि आप हिंदी में जवाब देते हो। बढ़िया भाई।

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    so it wasn't only me dreaming of a party winning in 2024 with all these anti nationalists / tukde tukde gang lead by Dhruv

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    Dhruv your work is to preach good people in governanance. Who are the good people in governanance according to you? Please reply with name

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