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  • Today we gonna test out some more Viral Fashion and Beauty Hacks and give them either a signal of Pass or Fail. Hope you all will have fun watching it.
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    Creative Head: Shruti Anand
    Written By: Vishal Vaish & Babli
    Director: Vishal Vaish
    Asst. Director: Pallavi Arya
    DOP: Dinesh Kumar
    Edited by : Mohd. Danish & Vishal Vaish
    Actors : Anishka Khantwal, Jeetusri, Babli, Vishal Vaish
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    Where did I just find myself...? Either way, your production quality is great! Especially the filming/lighting.
    Hello, my Indian/Eastern friends! Well wishes, heatlth and all around respect & love to all of you during this rough time in human history. Take care of yourselves.
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    Part 2

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    Nora fatli Nora Fathehi Javed Fackter Javed Akter

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