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  • 31/10/2019 को प्रकाशित
    Hello, girls! Watch this video and you will be able to create jewelry that will suit your taste and style: DIY cute earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Check out these insanely cute and pretty DIY autumn ideas. You will be able to make a whole jewelry collection from ordinary items like hot glue, polymer clay, drinking straws, wine corks, and even pasta.
    The first idea is truly funny! Pasta earrings? What a funny DIY project! Use paint spray and cover pasta (for example bow-tie) with any color. We love gold paint. Using hot glue attach a pair of flat earring posts. Voila!
    Reuse plastic bottles and make colorful bracelets for a party. The easiest way to make bracelets is to use popsicle sticks. Apply any picture on a popsicle stick and place it into a high glass to give it a round shape. This craft project will take only a couple of minutes
    You can grow crystals at home! Take a glass and fill it with hot water, add alum powder and dye. Stir properly attach a ring to any stick using a string and place inside the glass and let crystalize. But do not dip the ring entirely, only a part of it.
    If you want to make a color-changing pendant, you will need a metal setting,color-changing paint or nail polish. Add some paint inside the metal setting, let dry and cover it with resin! Moreover, you can use all these ideas to make cool gifts for your friends.
    00:01 Hot glue earrings
    03:07 Creative earrings
    07:10 Mood pendant
    05:12 DIY Crystals
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