37 DIY IDEAS TO ROCK IN ANY SITUATION || Easy Life Hacks, Clever Gadgets To Solve All Your Problems

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  • 25/10/2019 को प्रकाशित
    Check out a cool collection of gadgets and tools that will ease your life and help to solve annoying problems. You will find out how to organize food in the kitchen, how to beautifully store shampoos in the bathroom, how to quickly wash salad leaves, how to hang your clothes using foldable hangers. My favorite idea is how to hang a lot of t-shirts without effort. You will be surprised how many space you will have in your wardrobe.
    The next collection of ideas will help you to solve annoying problems like what to do with clogged showerhead, how to warm up your pizza using and iron, how to get rid of mosquitos and a lot more. Use pants and fans to cool down your room. You can easily replace a clogged or broken showerhead with a plastic bottle. Wash a plastic bottle and make some holes in it. Watch the full tutorial! If you don't have a power bank with you, charge your phone using a DIY portable charger made out of a car charger and 9V battery. One more crazy idea is to make a phone holder from flip flops.
    Today we share a new collection of car life hacks that will change your life! Usually, we spend a lot of time in cars and we need some life hacks that will help to solve small problems. In this video, you will find a lot of brilliant ideas on how to solve most of the annoying problems. You will learn how to remove dents, how to avoid scratches, how to quickly clean vents, how to get rid of pet hair and a lot more!
    00:09 Awesome inventions to use at home
    02:37 How to organize your wardrobe
    08:30 Brilliant car hacks
    09:08 Cool gadgets for your car
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    En el minuto 12:16 podría agarrar una cuchara no??

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    Bro for the first hack your gonna fall the train moves

  • Sister Vibes
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    7:11 you can just grab a spoon

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    5:30 isn’t that the Great Gatsby Movie XD?

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    7:10 or you could just use a spoon

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    1:39 is pretty creative

  • Megi Lukow
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    Y’all kno this is clickbait bc they keep on skipping to another scene

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    332 or just buy a new shower head

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  • Em K
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    2:53 look at

  • Tammy Davenport
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    he car hacks are literally repeats of the 5 minute craft video I was just watching

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  • Migz Franco
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    Adhesive tapes on walls? I dont think so.

  • Ivy TreeSparrow3
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    I love it how she is dancing in the shower and the suddenly has a kitchen knife...

  • Ivy TreeSparrow3
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    Apprehensive tape! Very durable!
    *watches block almost fall off wall*
    H mm....

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    These r so cringe I could Neva 😂😭😭

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    Top ten giant flies

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    I likes

  • Gacha Galaxy Gamer
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    None of these are hacks. They are either useless or are just bought products that you can literally find on amazon.

  • Concerned Citizen
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    Omg the fan one is hillarious... not only is it an oscillating fan to begin with 😂😂now you get to smell dudes sweaty crotch in ur face...oh NO!!!!!! And there it is...we are not the kings of the world...that song has my ears still bleeding from the last video you played it in for 20 min on a loop

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 28 दिन पहले

    These aren't life hacks...just clever gadgets they have found. Seriously guys...I know there can be only so many life hacks..so instead of repeating content and misleading ppl just stop making videos and collect ur revenue off of videos u have already made. At this point your just being greedy

  • Sumi Yati
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    These aren’t ideas there products u buy and u don’t even say were there from.

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