99 HILARIOUS FAILS LIVE || Funny Situations And Awkward Moments You've Been In

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  • 28/10/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Watch this video to find a new selection of funny and awkward situations everybody can relate to

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    Just wow...

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    4:09 music please

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    All this is my mom when I was still in her stomach

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    Indonesian Like
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    You guys need to stop doing the pimple hacks and acting like it is a big deal because some people do have pimpleas

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    Ai Love you

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    Guyes you make a very good video a freind from India

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    I have never shaved my legs but there's no hair to shave

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    This is not 5 minute craft
    Its 1 hour craft ! HAHAH

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    You cannot eat that stuff when your pregnant! Do you know de way?

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    Acting is very nice 🤣 🤣🤣

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    I love yall so much yall remind me about anid mack its like I can creation too😍😍

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    Ok , I watch these because I find them funny ... This was NOT . At 46:18 you have bacon burning - literally in flames - and you pour WATER on it !!! That is a good way to have the fire spread . Water DOES NOT put out a grease fire it has to be smothered out by depriving it of oxygen . Put a lid on the pan , pour baking soda on it but never use water.

  • Arcticstar Of SnowClan
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    What is this song you’re always playing?

  • Arcticstar Of SnowClan
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    That guy is literally always like: 🙄 and 😳

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    You played a good song just for fun

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    hello Venezuela

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    No emufeo

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    No offence but I still wouldn't wear pink skirt as dress in beginning as still looks pretty baggy, pretty colour though

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    Funny baby

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    hello i love your videos and your my fav channel thanks for everything

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    It's so funny video

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    Auto laugh... Hahahaha
    I am from Indonesia...

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    lol all day long

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    Press this button if you like the vid👇👇👇👇👇👇

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    i liked and put on notification bell on

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    45:53 the theeth is FAKE

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    Hola soy Ada como están yo Bien✌✌✌

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    Could make the screen even smaller

  • Evelina Shvets
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    did you have to make such a small screen?

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    We all know we just watched an hour of repeated content

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    P.o. ka. Uni

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    What was own that man's hands 😂

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      Idk but it looked sketchy

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    Ten facet jest wkurzajacy i te jego miny 🤬😡

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    R u really pregnant

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    When they took her fries......

    She's like TF are you doing👿😱

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    WOw 😩 ....they repeated this song again 💫💫

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    Who watches but never tries👋👋👋👋

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    4:05 that is so so true for me OMG

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    Monday Thursday?????

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    This just needs the doin it wrong song by Brent Rivera

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