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  • 7/11/2019 को प्रकाशित
    I know that you love funny videos and hilarious life hacks. We prepared a new video with cool and funny tips. You will find a lot of ideas that will ease your life while traveling on public transport and even in everyday life. Do you usually have a problem when you try to find your car in a big parking? We know a cool trick - just make a photo of your can in a parking place. Use a coke bottle as a pillow when you travel by bus. Moreover, you can use a pool noodle to comfortably sleep in a car. Check out the tutorial every car driver should know safety rules, check out this video!
    One of the cleverest travel hacks you should know is that you can turn a hoodie into a pillow if you want to sleep in the plane. You can use an easy kitchen hack to reseal and plastic bag using a lighter
    Clever packing is highly important to save lots of space in your luggage. Always roll clothes in small tubes, it saves a lot of space and prevents wrinkles. You can use this method for various clothes types like jeans, hoodies, shirts, sweaters. One more important benefit of rolling your clothes is that you can easily see what you have packed. It’s very useful is you are staying in a place where you can’t unpack your clothes. Recycle straws into travel packs! Make mini packages for shampoo, cream and other kinds of hygienic products for traveling. This lifehack will save you lots of money.

    00:09 Hilarious travel hacks
    00:36 Clever car lifehacks
    03:33 DIY Travel pillow
    04:42 Brilliant traveling ideas
    07:55 French manicure trick
    11:08 Organizer for cosmetic brushes
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    the way she bit the kit kat

  • Side Account
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    Have fun taking that off

  • Aylin Uzbak
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    Who eats Kit Kat’s like that🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mäddïë łøvéś Cøøkïéś!
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    That duck tape one is just gonna hurt more. XD 3:55

  • Holly Witt
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    Watch gloom & Azzy Land do these 5 min hacks they have proof these don't work!😈

  • Melnugget Woodberry
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    Why did she eat that kit cat like that

  • Alhussain Pharma
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    Your hacks always not work

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    The way she took a bite outta that Kit Kat my lord.😑😐😯😲😵

  • Fabulous Girls
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    These were sleeping hacks in public

  • littlefox 7002
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    So you’re going to make a shirt in the middle of a park. 🤨

  • Laura Seiz
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    *CRINGGGGEEEEE! Who eats a kit Kat like that!
    Like if you eat it the other way

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    Who got really mad at 0:50 cause kit kat ????😡😡😡😡

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    No not the kit kat 🙀🙀

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    0:50 WHY?! Just WHY?!

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    Who randomly undressed in public to make a shirt

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    Watefak is dit kut mens

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    C'est trop bien

  • Emmy lou Hill
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    Her bites in to the kitkat
    Everyone: ohh
    Me: "gasps" How dare she

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    Who eats a kit kat like that

  • ThatGirl _sara
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    she ate the kit kat

  • Hannah Li
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    I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to bring a lighter into the airport

  • Char Fare
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    What type of thief wears a pantyhose as a mask?

  • Jean Satruhan
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    Who wear a sweater in the summer

  • luna504co
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    3:56 just wear socks
    Im not hateing but just use socks

  • fizzyizzy1230
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    Oh gawd....do I even need to explain how painful it would be to take it off?!

  • phubodin siyangnok
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  • Marshmello girl
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    You don't put a tape wher is hrting you!!

  • Lorelei Murko
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    5:54 AVACADO

  • Tiffany Pavey
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    Thats more than 5 min

  • Carmen Matos
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    I love how the girl was looking for directions and when walks the other way she rips her shirt but still it PG for younger viewers but in her mind she thinks... for this craft I rip my shirt but you can’t see anything under let’s take my shirt if so the park can see and do a nice quick life hack with my bandanna😂

  • Maya And fRiEnDs
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    Um i am mad bc the way she ate thar kit kat bar 😠 i am so disappointed of her

  • Tayen Petoskey
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    Man, I always hate when I... Leave my car parked in a traffic jam...

  • CRISSY Clark
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    the weather shirt folding thing works!!!

  • Suhaylah Thompson
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    why in the world is this woman carrying a plunger.I mean who does get a life

  • dreadygirl :3
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    are we just going to ignore that he has pantyhose on his head?

  • Elizabeth Suniga
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  • gabe sagazie
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    0:50 you monster

  • TheDancing Avocado
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    4:14 who brings a lighter to an airport??!!

  • TheDancing Avocado
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    0:25 that looks so fake and on purpose!! lol no offense

  • Oofus The 3rd
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    0:50 that woman is evil and should be exterminated immediately

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    i almost died when she ate that kit kat bar like that!

  • xXCathy_Playz_RobloxXx UwU
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    Kids seeing five minute crafts with plastic straws: *thinks bout juice* MOMMMMM I WANT JUICE
    Teens seeing five minute crafts with plastic straws: *thinks bout turtles* >:o HOW DARE THEY!

  • Bruna Paula
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  • Grace’s Vlog Channel
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    4:33 yes everyone just has a pool noodle and knife in there car I know I do😒

  • Srividya Vedagarbha
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    4:13 is lighter allowed in airport

  • Srividya Vedagarbha
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    2:44 if someone says excuse me

  • Srividya Vedagarbha
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    2:01 LOL wat if the bottle cap was open

  • iChzrryi Candi
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    0:50 she...she.....BIT THE KIT KAT

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    Did she just do that


  • Big Family Little Adventures
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    Anyone else annoyed she used a bag just for one bottle in the bin

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    Doesn’t 0:25 happen to you all the time?

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    the way she ate the kitkat is a disgrace i-

    i need therapy.

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    At 0:50 they're disgracing all of youtube!

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    Girl did you just ated kit kat like that?????

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    4:31 yeah all of us have pool noodles and exacto knifes in our Car UvU

  • CRACKEY DROIDS! Uday Agrawal
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    Beta when you will remove the tape then realise the real pain

  • Anais Cartes
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